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Accommodation for your employees

Looking for an alternative accommodation offer to hotels? With made-up beds and a kitchen, our apartments have the advantage of a hotel, while at the same time you have the freedom to cook your own food.

For shorter or longer work assignments, it is important to have a good place to stay. We can offer furnished apartments of various sizes.

Our apartmens

Our apartments have 1 to 4 bedrooms, which makes it possible for several people to live together. This way, they can gather for joint meals and social gatherings in the living room and then retire to their respective bedrooms when they wish.

Included service

All apartments have made beds and towels. When renting for more than a week, we wash, change the beds and put in new towels. We do the cleaning by departure.


We are located between Ålesund center and Moa/Spjelkavik. We have several shops in the immediate area as well as a restaurant and pizzeria. There are also good parking options for larger cars and trucks in the area.


For more information or booking call us on + 47 70 14 66 00 or send an e-mail


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